It’s not long until the IFES family around the world will gather to pray for you and your student group! Prayer videos are a great way to give people a glimpse of your world and make your prayer requests more personal. And they’re really easy to make!

We’ll share prayer videos on this website and on social media. Here are a few steps to help you put your video together:

  1. Get out your smartphone or camera

    There are so many devices with cameras today that it’s easy to create and upload videos. Make sure the quality allows for people to understand what you say, but be reassured: we are not after professional videos!

  2. Choose an interesting, quiet place

    Find a place and aim your camera so the video has a simple but meaningful background, maybe a landmark on your campus, or a place that represents your country or your university. Choose a quiet place, with no cars rushing by and away from the wind. We want to hear you!

  3. Plan to make the video in one single shot

    It saves you painful editing work afterwards, and most non-actors do better on their first (nervous) try! It does not need to be perfect. A few hesitations in the video won’t prevent anyone from praying.

  4. Use the Script

    The script is to help you think through what you might say. Aim to speak for no more than 3 minutes. You can do it as an interview, with a friend asking the questions, or record the video on your own with just the answers.

  5. Upload the video

    When your video is ready, use the form below to send it to us. We’ll check it over and add it to our playlist for this year. Watch out for your videos appearing on the IFES Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Please don’t add a music track to your video. It can make it difficult to hear what you’re saying and if it infringes copyright, we will not be able to publish your video.

Here are some videos from World Student Day 2016 to inspire you:


Hi! [or Hello in your native language]

My name is … [name, surname].

I am from ... [country]

I go to ... [name of university, city]

and am part of ... [name of IFES movement, e.g. ’GBU Spain‘]

What are the challenges of being a Christian in your country?
The challenges of loving our neighbour in [country] are ...

What opportunities do you have to live generously?
To love our neighbour on our campus, we ...

How can we pray for you as you seek to live generous lives?
Please pray for us that ...

Thank you for praying for us! [or say Thank You in your native language]

What opportunities do you have to live generous lives in your context?
How can we pray for you as you seek to live generous lives?

We can’t wait to pray for you on 20 October!

Upload your video

We are collecting this information to share it with others and help them pray for you. When we share it, it will be publicly visible on the internet. By sending it to IFES, you agree that we can use your information in this way. We are aware that many of you are in sensitive locations and we may change your name and be less specific about your location if we are concerned about security. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please email us at:
Your video upload was successful!

Thank you for taking part in IFES World Student Day. We’ll have a look at what you’ve sent in and get people praying for you. Videos will be published on Facebook, YouTube and the World Student Day Website.

Come back on 20 October 2017 to see prayer videos from around the world.

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Next Steps

  1. Put Friday 20 October in your diary and think about who you can gather to pray.
  2. Sign up to receive email updates and we’ll send you reminders and resources to help you pray.
  3. If you’re a student, tell us how others around the world can pray for you.
  4. Tell others about World Student Day by inviting them to the Facebook event and sharing this video from Daniel Bourdanné.