Plan a prayer meeting

We invite you to join thousands of people around the globe to pray for God to do something new in this generation of students on 19 October 2018.

Here are some ideas to help you as you pray for IFES movements around the world and for the unreached students on your own campus.

Connect with another IFES student group

World Student Day is a unique opportunity to connect with a student group in another part of the world and pray for each other. Here are some ways to find another group to pray with:

  • Plan to join a live video prayer session on the day.
  • Ask international students if they can connect you with a student group in their home country, or get in touch with students you know who have gone to study in another country.
  • Pick a country and look up the movement on or look for their student group on Facebook.
  • Go to the event page on Facebook and connect with another student group there.

Remember to plan in advance so that people have enough time to prepare well.

Prayer meeting ideas

  • Pray with others: invite your Christian friends, your student group or your local church to join you. Book a room and set a time to come together.
  • Pray with the Bible open: let God’s Word and love for the nations shape your prayers. Use the prayers of the Psalmists or Paul to inspire you.
  • Pray while walking: pray as you walk around your campus buildings or accommodation blocks.
  • Pray with music: put on some worship music and praise the God of the nations. If you’re partnering with another IFES movement, or have chosen one to pray for, listen to a song in their language. Maybe they can even lead your worship time via video call? This will take some time and organisation, so remember to plan ahead.
  • Pray with resources: print off prayer cards, photos or a map of the world to fuel and inform your prayers. Get others to help in setting up different stations around the room to pray for different countries and student groups.
  • Pray while fasting: give up your meals and stand in solidarity with Christians who suffer from hunger and need. When you feel your stomach rumble, take it as a reminder to pray for the global church. Why not donate the funds you would have spent on food to your national movement or the Breaking New Ground project?

Print prayer cards

We’ve collected prayer cards from students around the world that you can print out and use in a prayer meeting.

Download the designer’s kit

Are you putting together your own event poster or setting up a social media event? Download our designer’s kit for images and designs you can use to promote World Student Day.

Sign up for Prayer emails

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