Connect with another IFES student group

One of the highlights of World Student Day for many is connecting with a student group in another part of the world and praying for each other. Set up a Skype call on the day, or exchange prayer requests by email or messaging.

Here are some ideas to find another group to pray with:
  • Ask international students if they can connect you with a student group in their home country. Or get in touch with students you know who have gone to study in another country.
  • Pick a country and look up the movement on, do a web search or look for their student group on Facebook.
  • Go to the event page on Facebook and connect with another student group there.

Remember to plan in advance and give enough time to ensure people can prepare adequately.

Find something to pray for:

On this website we’ll be sharing prayer cards you can print off to use in prayer meetings. On World Student Day, we’ll share more prayer requests and videos that students have sent in from all over the world.

Prayerline is the weekly prayer blog from IFES. Have a browse for different projects and regions to pray for or sign-up to receive the weekly email.


30-minute prayer meetings
Set up three 30-minute prayer meetings (morning, noon, evening) and spend time interceding for IFES movements around the world and for international students on your own campus.

Prayer walk on your campus
Ask Jesus to show you how to pray for the global community on your campus. Pray over and around international student dorms and your entire campus. It’s fun, healthy, and powerful. Consider singing a worship song or two.

12-hour prayer room
Reserve a room on campus and set up an attractive, comfortable prayer room. Consider using maps of the world, and arts and crafts materials. Pray for countries with no IFES movements as well as for your campus.

Week-long 24/7 prayer room with local churches
Invite local churches to participate with you, asking them to pray for your campus, too.

Study the Bible

What better way to inspire our prayers than to spend time in God’s word? There are a variety of structures and topics you can choose for a prayer meeting based on a Bible study. Interact with God’s word, and let God’s love for the nations transform your prayers.

Worship in another language

Have you ever worshipped in a language other than your native one? World Student Day is a great opportunity to introduce a new tradition into your fellowship. Ask your international friends for recommendations.

If you’re partnering with another IFES movement, or have chosen one to pray for, learn the songs they worship with. Maybe they can even lead your worship time via Skype? This will take some time and organisation, so remember to plan ahead.

Start a Discussion

Have several smaller groups that students can choose from. Topics can vary: missions, the global church, and international student outreach are possibilities. Or have each small group pick a country and lead groups in prayer time for it.


Give up your meals and stand in solidarity with Christians who suffer from hunger and need. When you feel your stomach rumble, take it as a reminder to pray for the global church. Why not donate the funds you would have spent on food or the equivalent of a restaurant meal cost to an organisation that helps the poor?

Hold a cultural night

Eat a lot of good food, partner with secular cultural organisations on campus, host a party. Have students discuss their cultural heritage with each other. This is a relationship-building event that could be meaningful for future outreach and your overall relationship with your neighbours on campus.


Everything we have comes from God. Sharing our physical wealth alongside our prayer helps strengthen our connection to other student movements around the world. If your group hasn’t done anything like this yet, now is a great time to start!

You can support other students around the world witnessing on their campus. Set a numerical goal, challenge students to give up a hot drink or a meal a week for a month and give that money to IFES. For more info:

Next Steps

  1. Put Friday 20 October in your diary and think about who you can gather to pray.
  2. Sign up to receive email updates and we’ll send you reminders and resources to help you pray.
  3. If you’re a student, tell us how others around the world can pray for you.
  4. Tell others about World Student Day by inviting them to the Facebook event and sharing this video from Daniel Bourdanné.