A Generous Life

Each year we have a theme for World Student Day, to focus our praying together. This year, the theme is: a generous life.

Generosity is the releasing of all the blessings that God has given us, and that we have received through prayer. Daniel wants to encourage students this year to think beyond themselves and their own needs, to serve the needs of others with a generous heart, full of thanksgiving for what God has done for them.

The ultimate act of generosity was that God gave his Son for us.

There are many ways to be generous, and each of us should prayerfully consider the needs of those around them and show generosity in the ways appropriate to them and their context. Acts of generosity can include:

  • Connecting with the local church: How can you serve your local church? Could you help serve refreshments after the service, help with the music, look after children? Find out what needs your local church has and be generous with the time, skills and resources God has given you.
  • Serving the community: Are there members of your community, or communities elsewhere in your country, who you could serve? Maybe some elderly people in a village would love to spend time with you. Maybe a homeless centre needs volunteers to help serve food. There is no shortage of opportunities to be generous in the places we live!
  • Giving financially: All we have is a gift from God, and the money in our wallets is no exception to this. We can release the blessings we have received by giving financially to IFES, or a national student movement, or another charity or community work.

We are called to be generous, and generosity is a way of life, not something we do. This World Student Day, we want to pray to receive more from God, being mindful that as we receive, we have much we can bless others with.

What ideas do you have for being generous? Share them using the #ifeswsd tag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Next Steps

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  3. If you’re a student, tell us how others around the world can pray for you.
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