On 20 October 2017, students, graduates, staff and supporters of student mission all over the world will gather to pray together.

It’s a unique day to catch a vision for God’s mission around the world and to hear from and pray for brothers and sisters across the globe. We pray that it will be a day that expands your vision and deepens your faith.

Are you in? Let’s get started!

The values of World Student Day:

Here are three values for our global day of prayer. As you read, think about how these values might affect the way you celebrate, what kind of activities you might plan and who you might connect with.

  1. Our God is a global God

    We want to understand and value God’s heart for the nations. We also want to realise that he is so much bigger than we can imagine if we are confined to our own cultural experience of God. We want to grow in love for God’s people of every ethnicity and culture.

  2. Our faith is a global faith

    We understand that Christianity is not just for our country or our continent, and value being part of a global body of Christ. We recognise that we need one another to fully understand our faith and our God.

  3. Our prayer is a global prayer

    We want to understand and value prayer in a much richer way, not only for ourselves, but for others; even for people we don’t know at all. We want to understand God’s purposes in the world and participate in God’s work through prayer.

How will you celebrate World Student Day?

What activities could you do leading up to World Student Day that would help people engage with these values? How long before World Student Day would you need begin?

What activities could you do on World Student Day?

Next Steps